One Print Copy - 12 Critical Things Your Family Needs to Know (FREE SHIPPING to US/Canada)

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A Quick & Easy Tool to Get Organized and Get Your Affairs in Order!

Write down your important information and decisions, so loved ones will know:

What You Have

Assets, liabilities, real estate, insurance, annuities, mutual funds, retirement plans, military benefits, valuable collections or antiques

Where It's Located

Important keys, files, deeds, family medical history, advisors, safe deposit box, storage unit, tax records, appraisals, wills, trusts

What Your Wishes Are

Organ donation, living will, funeral planning, obituary, memorial donations, who gets what, how expensive final arrangements should be, burial versus cremation, who you want to give cherished items to, etc.

The story behind this book:

My father died in March 2003. He was 67 years old. Fortunately, we knew he wanted to be cremated, followed by a small private service. Not having to guess at his wishes made this terrible time much easier.

Despite Dad being fairly organized with a logical filing system, my family spent countless grief-filled hours over the following eight weeks looking for important documents, advisors, keys, and operating instructions.

A few months later, after my own daughter was born, I was driving home and started thinking "What if something happened to me tonight?

The short time invested in getting our affairs in order was well spent - we're finally organized and have real peace of mind.

-Mark Gavagan, author

* Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee !!!

What's In the Book?

The book's title, "12 Critical Things Your Family Needs To Know," refers to the twelve major areas of critical decisions and information the book guides you to provide for your family:

• Personal & Family Information

• Insurance

• Family Medical History

• Investments, Bank Accounts & Other Financial Assets

• Advance Health Care Directives

• Retirement Plans & Annuities

• Organ+ Donation Choices

• Real Estate: Your Primary Residence

• Final Arrangements

• Debts & Liabilities

• Wills, Trusts & Estate Plans

• Advisers

There's also more that doesn't fit neatly into the categories above, including:

· Where is the safe/safe deposit box/storage unit? What's in there and how can it be accessed?

· Should you be cremated? (this assumes you are dead, otherwise cremation can be quite uncomfortable)

· What is your blood type? Do you want to donate your organs?

· Location and keys for storage units and PO boxes.

· How can the alarm system or water supply be shut-off in your home?

· How expensive your final arrangements should be. Save thousands of dollars by answering one question (PDF article).

· Where are your financial assets (firms, account numbers, contacts, etc)?

· Allergies, prescriptions, medical history and health care provider info.

· Free resource to download living will documents (remember Terri Schiavo?).

· Are there any old life insurance policies or retirement plans from the military or jobs you left long ago?

· Who should get your (insert cherished item here) when you die? (Or would you prefer your family fight it out at your funeral?)

And on and on....

What are you waiting for?

Buy this book and get your affairs in order today!

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One Print Copy - 12 Critical Things Your Family Needs to Know (FREE SHIPPING to US/Canada)

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