1 Print Affairs Organizer w/ FREE Shipping

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Ultimate Edition of "The It's All Right Here Life & Affairs Organizer"

Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If something were to happen tonight, would loved ones know:

What you have ?

Assets, liabilities, real estate, insurance, annuities, mutual funds, retirement plans, military benefits, valuable collections or antiques

Where it's located ?

Important keys, files, deeds, family medical history, advisors, safe deposit box, storage unit, tax records, appraisals, wills, trusts

What your wishes are ?

Organ donation, living will (remember Terri Schiavo?), funeral planning, obituary, memorial donations, who gets what, how expensive final arrangements should be (PDF article), burial versus cremation, etc.

Is everything written down and organized?

With this easy to use workbook, the answer to every question above will be YES!

  • Complete Book
  • Type-in Your Information & Decisions (No Handwriting Issues)
  • Easy to Save, Edit, Share & Delete
  • Print Specific Pages or Entire Book
  • Printouts Include Your Typed Info
  • FREE Updates Forever

Includes free shipping to US and Canada

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1 Print Affairs Organizer w/ FREE Shipping

0 ratings
I want this!